An Important Note about Diesel Locomotive Decal Set THB-8702 Pilot Stripes:

The pilot stripes on the main decal set do not have a clear carrier coat over each set of stripes but were by design individually coated as it allowed accommodation for different sizes of locomotive pilots (i.e. each stripe can be trimmed to fit). For modellers who would prefer to decal the whole pilot all at once we have produced decal set THB-8702B which does have a clear carrier coat over each complete set of stripes. We are now including this set with the THB-8702 set. Also included on the same sheet are preview samples of decals for TH&B derail, foul and level crossing posts. Customers who bought directly from us have been sent one for each set you bought. Customers who bought from one of our dealers may obtain a free THB-8702B  by sending the copyright notice (one set per copyright notice) from the bottom of THB-8702 (the diesel decal set) with your name and address to:

Aberdeen Car Shops,
9366 Kennedy Road,
Markham, Ontario
L6C 1N6